way1 [ weı ] noun count ***
▸ 1 method/manner
▸ 2 direction/distance
▸ 3 means of going in/out
▸ 4 area/position
▸ 5 situation/condition
▸ 6 aspect/attitude
1. ) a method for doing something:
way (that): There are so many delicious ways you can prepare chicken.
way of doing something: Is there any way of contacting you while you're in Africa?
way to do something: The students are learning new ways to communicate in writing.
a ) the manner or style in which something happens or is done:
way (that): I love to watch the way she plays with the children.
no way to do something (=not the right thing to do): That's no way to talk to your mother.
b ) someone's individual manner of behaving or speaking:
someone's way of doing something: Have you noticed her irritating way of interrupting when you talk?
change your ways (=behave much better): Greg has really changed his ways since he went to jail.
in someone's own way (=a style of doing something that is not obvious to other people): In his own way he really is trying to help.
c ) what someone wants to do or how they want to behave:
get/have your way (=be allowed to have or do what you want): The governor is unlikely to get his way on this issue.
go your own way (=behave in an independent manner): His parents must realize that he will soon go his own way.
d ) one way or another used for saying that something will definitely happen, even though you do not know what method will make it happen:
One way or another, I'm going to go to Europe.
e ) that's the way SPOKEN used for encouraging someone when they are doing something well:
Put the car into gear and ease into the traffic. That's the way.
f ) way out/around a method of solving a problem, or avoiding a difficult situation:
Housing developers are looking for a way around the law.
talk/think/bribe etc. your way out of something (=use words, intelligence, money, etc. to avoid trouble): You can't talk your way out of trouble this time.
g ) the way to go the best method for doing a particular thing:
A law against dumping waste is the way to go.
h ) ways and means methods that you use to achieve a particular aim:
The committee is discussing new ways and means of improving profits.
2. ) the particular road, path, or track that you use to go from one place to another:
I don't think this is the right way.
way to: This is the way to the Eiffel Tower.
show/tell someone the way: Could you please show me the way to the temple?
know the way: Does Tim know the way to your house from here?
lose your way (=become lost while going to a place): The tourists lost their way and had to ask for directions.
across the way (=on the other side of the street, etc.): There's a gas station just across the way.
a ) the direction in which something is standing or moving:
The bathroom is this way.
Rachel just looked the other way.
Look both ways before crossing the road.
The car was going the wrong way.
b ) the trip or distance from one place to another:
There was still a little way to go.
all the/this/that way: You came all this way just to see me?
The children were arguing all the way home.
c ) a period of time:
A decision would still be a long way in the future.
d ) be on your way to have started your trip to a particular place:
Ben will be on his way to Denmark tonight.
I should be on my way now (=I should leave).
e ) on/along the way while going somewhere:
On the way home we saw a terrible car accident.
Can we stop at the supermarket along the way?
f ) on the/your way close to the road or path you are using, and therefore convenient to visit:
The house is on my way, so I'll stop in.
g ) out of your way not close to the road or path you are using:
Don't bother picking me up. It's really out of your way.
h ) the right/wrong/other way (around/up) the position in which an object is placed or held, especially in relation to the correct position:
She was wearing her top the wrong way around.
i ) Way used in the name of streets:
on the corner of Garden Street and Admiral Way
3. ) a method of going into or out of a place:
Tell them to leave by the back way.
a ) a method of making progress:
not stand/get in someone's way (=not prevent someone from doing what they want): I won't stand in your way if you're really determined.
force your way into (=use force to get into a place): The crowd forced their way into the building.
b ) a way into publishing/medicine/journalism etc. a situation or advantage that will allow you to get a particular job:
I began making TV commercials as a way into television.
4. ) the area or position in which a place is:
They live out Chicago way.
a ) the space or area a person is using at a particular time:
be/get in the way (=be in the same place as someone, making it difficult for them to do things): You'll get in the way if you stay in the kitchen.
be/get in someone's way: Can I move the books? They're in my way.
b ) be/get/keep out of the/someone's way to be or stay away from the area where someone is so that you do not annoy them or make it difficult for them to do something:
Make sure the kids keep out of the way while I'm working.
c ) down/up/over etc. someone's way in the area where someone lives, works, etc.:
I'll be over your way tonight, we should meet up.
5. ) a situation or condition
a ) be in a bad way to be very sick, hurt, or upset:
Frank was in a bad way for weeks after the accident.
b ) the way things are a situation or condition that someone or something is in at a particular time:
I'm disappointed with the way things have been recently.
6. ) a particular aspect of something or attitude toward something:
It's not right, whichever way you think about it.
in more ways than one (=from many aspects): The evening was a great success, in more ways than one.
in a way (=from one point of view): In a way, I agree with you.
a ) if you share or divide something several ways, you give parts of it to several people:
Let's split the money three ways.
b ) either way used for saying there are two possibilities that can happen, and in both cases the result will be the same:
Perez may not play, but either way it'll be a tough game.
c ) have it both ways to want to have the benefit from two possibilities when you can only choose one:
You can't have it both ways, Paul. What's more important, your family or your job?
all the way
1. ) completely:
The committee will back you all the way.
2. ) if you do something all the way, you put all your effort into doing it
3. ) if you say that you go or travel all the way somewhere, you emphasize that it is a long way:
We'll have to go all the way back to get the list.
be on the/its way
to be about to arrive or happen:
Economists fear a recession is on the way.
Your package is on its way.
on the/its way to (doing) something: Ballroom dancing could be on its way to becoming an Olympic sport.
by a long way
by a large amount:
This has been our most successful product by a long way.
by the way
used for introducing a new or extra fact or comment into a conversation:
By the way, if Clare comes tomorrow she's bringing her boyfriend.
by way of something
1. ) intended to be a particular thing, or to have a particular purpose:
It's a nice day , she said, merely by way of conversation.
He didn't have much to offer by way of explanation.
2. ) if you travel somewhere by way of a place, you go through that place on your trip:
They traveled through the mountains by way of an ancient walled city.
come someone's way
if something comes your way, it happens to you, or it becomes available:
Several chances came our way but we missed them.
get in the way of something
to prevent something from happening:
I never let unimportant details get in the way of a good plan.
get something out of the way
to finish doing something, especially something difficult or unpleasant:
I can't wait to get all this housework out of the way.
give way
1. ) if something gives way, it breaks because there is too much weight or pressure on it:
The bridge threatened to give way as the flood waters rose.
2. ) to agree to something that someone else wants instead of what you want:
The ambassador finally gave way during the last minutes of the meeting.
give way to: We will not give way to those who believe that power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
3. ) MAINLY BRITISH to allow another vehicle to go before you when you are driving. American usually yield:
give way to: Drivers must give way to cyclists.
4. ) give way to to be replaced by something, especially something newer or better:
Over the next few years, our current computer network will give way to even more sophisticated technology.
go a (long) way/ways toward something
to make progress in achieving something:
The law will go a long way toward helping the elderly pay for medical costs.
go out of your way to do something
to make an extra effort do something even though it is not convenient or easy to do:
Rachel really went out of her way to make me feel welcome.
go your separate ways
to end a friendship or romantic relationship:
Sean and Patty decided to go their separate ways.
have come a long way
to have made a lot of progress or improvement:
Airline safety has come a long way in the past decade.
have a long way to go
to need a lot more progress or improvement:
The country has a long way to go before it is stable again.
have a way of doing something
to have a special habit, especially an annoying one:
Ruth has a way of ignoring me that drives me mad.
have a way with
to have a special relationship or connection with someone or something:
He really has a way with animals.
in a big way INFORMAL
if someone does something in a big way, they do it a lot, or think it is important:
Paul was interested in sailing in a big way.
in no/not in any way, shape, or form
used for emphasizing that something is not true or possible:
He is not in any way, shape, or form trying to escape his responsibility.
in the way of
if there is not much in the way of something, there is not much of that particular thing:
What is there in the way of tools?
He doesn't have much in the way of education.
know your way around (something)
to be very familiar with a particular place or activity:
Ellie knew her way around pretty well.
He seems to know his way around the shipping industry.
make your way
1. ) to go slowly or steadily to a place:
make your way to/across/through etc.: Thousands of refugees are making their way across the border.
2. ) to make progress, for example in your life or career:
At the end of the book, Betsy sets off to make her way in the world.
no two ways about it SPOKEN
used for saying that something is definitely true:
The exam was difficult, no two ways about it.
no way
1. ) used for saying that you will definitely not do something or that something will definitely not happen:
Are you inviting Phil to your party? No way!
no way is someone doing something: No way am I going to refuse an offer like that!
there's no way...: There's no way the construction work will be finished by today.
2. ) used for expressing surprise or telling someone that you do not believe them:
She said that to you? No way!
that's/it's always the way
used for saying that something always happens in a way that is annoying:
That's always the way, isn't it? When you forget your umbrella, it rains.
to my way of thinking
used when giving your opinion about something:
This is not right, to my way of thinking.
a way(s) off
1. ) a long time in the future:
Christmas is still a ways off.
2. ) a long distance away:
Taylorsville is still quite a way off.
way to go SPOKEN
used for telling someone that they have done something well, or that you are proud of their achievement:
Way to go, Mary! Keep up the good work.
way 2 [ weı ] adverb
1. ) INFORMAL very:
We were way tired after the hike.
Dad will be way mad if we're late.
2. ) by a large amount or distance:
way above/over/under: The cost of a new car is way above my means.
way ahead/beyond/behind/back/off: Michael was way ahead of the other runners.
Dan saw a plane way off in the distance.
way back
a long time ago in the past:
I graduated from high school way back in 1982.
way back when your grandmother was a child

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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